MIDI Saber

Virtual Reality

Developed with a MIDI controller to create beat maps for the virtual reality game Beat Saber.

Novation MIDI controller.

MIDI Saber

is a physical MIDI controller for video game development. The controller being used was a Launchpad MKII, an 8x8 grid of RGB, velocity-sensetive pads to trigger and combine audio clips through digital audio workstations.

It was originally controller for music production which I revised into an interface for placing digital blocks, obstacles, and bombs within the games virtual reality enviornement. I had an “imagine if” moment when struggling to make my own custom beat maps. I found the controlls complex and overly complicated to use with the mouse.

To make this work, I had to modify the midi drum controllers firmware. The game was modified so I was able to download mods from other developers on the internet and further extend the games original capablities.

I later planned on making the game play live along with live midi input from the controller but it exceeded my current abilities at the time. To this day I hold records for top world placements which I’m very proud of. 🙂

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Custom Map Example

2nd place global leaderboard on first try -

1 hour Gameplay - Linking Park

Gameplay - Mayday

Gameplay - End Game

Gameplay - Approaching Nirvana

Gameplay - Euphoria

Gameplay - State of Mind

Gameplay - Banger Alert